The Monroe St. Pub Crawl: Where else can you enjoy nine Spokane bars with friends old and new while helping families in Jamaica get the resources they need? This event can't be beat! You'll simultaneously spread the mission of Great Shape! Inc., and enjoy the chance to imbibe inside some of Spokane's landmark locations. Our crawl spans two miles complete with enough moral support and refreshments to get you from the Falls to the Garland district.



If you have $25, an ID that proves you're over 21, good shoes or a suitable wheelchair, you're eligible!  You will receive a brightly colored t-shirt, identifying you as a participant (that means prizes and specials for you) and making you visible to traffic even when the sun goes down.  You will be able to pick your t-shirt size once registration opens.

If you have any questions contact Liv at (503)593-1873